How to be successful

1- Be active participants in class. Pay attention, take notes, do practice problems…come to class each day with desire and confidence to learn.

2- Use the online textbook. It is much more interactive and, for most students, being on a computer is more engaging (more information can be found on my webpage in the “Online Books” tab).

3- Video tutors. Available through the on-line book, these are generally computer generated graphic presentations of the key concepts in each section. This gives students an opportunity to self-pace: start, stop, rewind, fast forward. I would suggest that the student tries to watch these before class. For example, if we are working on Section 5-1 today, we’ll more than likely be starting 5-2 tomorrow. The student could watch the videos for 5-2 tonight. That way they can come to class with a good foundation and can hopefully build on that in class (more information can be found on my webpage in the “Online Books” tab).

4- Practice, practice, practice. Like anything else, practice always helps with confidence and will generally lead to better in-class quiz and test scores.

5- Individual help from me. I am available before or after school and one of the most helpful things that I can do is check and review homework assignments to give students an idea of where they are at before the quiz or test.