Classroom rules/expectations

1.  All rules are open for interpretation by the teacher ONLY.  Additions to the list may be added at the teacher’s discretion.

2.  Respect all individuals/items in the classroom at ALL times.

3.  Be responsible at ALL times

4.  Personal electronic devices are not to be used or seen during class time.  

5.  Only Math class work may be done during class-time.  Homework must be completed before other activities can be started.

6.  Never, ever mess with a substitute teacher.

7.  ALL hall passes are a privilege, not a right.  Plan accordingly.

          a.  10-Minute rule:  No passes the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class.

          b.  No passes given during lectures.

8.  Remain seated and attentive during ALL times the teacher is addressing the class AND until the bell rings.

9.  NO food or drink in the classroom. 

10.  No phones or other devices can be charged during class time.


Follow all policies set forth by the school

·        Be on time for class.  (in the classroom before the bell)  SEE BOTTOM

·        Be prepared... book, workbook, homework, calculator, pencil, notebook, folder

·        Show respect for all members of the classroom: teacher, students, guests, themselves.

·        Turn in homework at designated time.  Assignments can be turned in late the next day for partial credit. 

·        Take responsibility to find out assignments if absent.

·        Make up all tests and quizzes before or after school or seminar.  YOU are responsible for setting up the time with the teacher within 2 days of your return to class.

·         Make the effort needed to assure successful completion of this class.